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Xcode 4 Instert Mulitple Labels

sokairyksokairyk Posts: 2New Users
edited January 2012 in Tutorial Requests
Hello my friends,
I've just registered to this amazing forum for Iphone development to find some help for some trouble I am facing right now.I am using xcode 4 for just 2 months now and I am trying to built my first application for Iphone just for practicing.I could realy use some help of yours in the following question.

I am trying to insert multiple labels on a single view application.I want to add for example 100 labels on a view and also i want to change them with my finger like there are pages on a browser.In the labels i want to add texts with stories for example.Right now I can add one label but I don't know the exact command to make them 100 or more.Is this possible and if it is how can I make this possible?Also I tried to find this on the tutorials section of this forum but I didn't find it

Thanks for reading my question and sorry for my vocabulary and grammar.I am from Greece.
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  • sokairyksokairyk Posts: 2New Users
    edited December 2011
  • RavrRavr Posts: 2New Users
    edited January 2012
    More details are needed...

    Are you trying to accomplish this 100% programmatically or are you using a xib or storyboard?

    To make sure were on the same page, are you simply trying to make it function like a book? In a sense that you swipe the screen and the text that was no longer appears while new text shows in its place?
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