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In House Distribution (Enterprise App)

sar762009sar762009 Posts: 2New Users
edited July 2012 in Tutorial Discussion
Hi All,

My Comapny purchased Enterprise licence. I developed app for our company internal purpuse.* I have generated distribution certificates and Provisioning profile(In house) from the apple portal. Form X Code i have assigned those certificates and generate the .ipa file from the organizer distribute options.

I would prefer to send this .ipa file through E mail. Shall i need to send only this .ipa file or need to send some certificates also?

Will the clients just tab this mail's attachement and install?.

Please help me on this stage.

Thanks for your time and help
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  • cbusercbuser Posts: 1New Users
    edited July 2012
    Here are the options for IPA enterprise file distribution.

    (1) Direct IPA file distribution. It is not possible to install directly via IPA files, i.e., users cannot "install" the IPA from attachments in an email. If you send the IPA, you'd have to provide instructions to users to install the app via iTunes or IPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) and tether via the USB.

    (2) Website link. You can create a XML file for your app to distribute. The documentation is available for this on the Apple site (Loading…)

    (3) Use a Mobile Application Management (MAM) or MDM Solution. You can use a Mobile Application Management solution such as EASE (Enterprise Mobility | Apperian) or any number of MDM solutions if you have MDM installed.

    BTW, The benefit of using an MAM type solution is that users get an "app store" experience, plus you get app lifecycle such as updating, tracking, and security features beyond direct distribution. But any of these approaches can get you going.
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