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How close is Object-C to C++?

I've been programming in C++ for 12 years and I just picked up Sam's Teach Yourself iPhone Application Development. It seems that Objective-C is the language for iPhone apps. It looks pretty similar to C++. I have an old Mac, but is there an IDE for PC now? I'd like to program in C++, but if there is a way I can make apps without any programming, that would be even better.


  • givensurgivensur On the Information SuperhighwayPosts: 541Registered Users @ @ @
    They're both object oriented languages, and they are both based on C. Although, Objective-C is actually a superset of C, while C++ is just based on C.

    You can program much of an iOS app in C++, and even in Objective-C++, but you will still need to use some Objective-C.

    Objective-C really isn't a tough language, and Apple's documentation for the Cocoa Touch library is top notch! So, you shouldn't have too many problems picking it up with your experience.

    You will need to use Xcode on a Mac though, and it will need to be a relatively new Mac. Currently, Lion is the minimum supported operating system for Xcode, and it probably won't be too long before it's Mountain Lion.
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