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My Band Studio 2.0.1 just released!

jvpythonjvpython Posts: 59Registered Users @
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Get it here: App Store - My Band Studio

Ever wanted to make your own music? My Band Studio is the perfect app for that. With its simple and attractive interface, creating music has never been so easy.

Record yourself, pick from multiple pre-loaded loops or even select a track from your iPod library.
With its intuitive controls you can adjust the sound in each track and export your finished song instantly from the app.

• Unlimited number of tracks
• Precise volume adjustment for each track
• Choose from 7 different instruments tracks
• Multiple loops for drums, guitar and piano and more to come!
• Access to iPod library
• Lock and mute individual tracks
• Position sound in each track with a simple scrolling interface
• Manage your recordings
• Realtime adjustments while playing
• Offline help within the app
• Export your song by email
• Intuitive interface
• High resolution Retina display graphics

Note: Access to iPod library is only not supported prior to the iPhone 3GS / iPod touch 3g.

Website: Welcome to CappsDev | CappsDev

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the app.
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