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AppsGoneFree Feedback

Hey, we placed our game 'Directional - Gem Matching Game' free via @AppsGoneFreeApps on @AppAdvice last Friday and wanted to share the results.

We had around 5500 Downloads day one, 2500 day two and waiting for day three, but suspect it will be around 1000.

Here you can see the ranks we managed to gather.


As you can see we hit a few of the top 25s, unfortunately fell short of any of the major top 25s, but came close in a number of regions, especially Portugal. I would say 70% of the downloads (5000+) were from the US and didn't impact on their charts in anyway.

Tyler at @AppsGoneFreeApp was really great to contact, nice guy and put our game pretty high up the listing.

It was nice to see our game actually get played! My only issue now is if I end the free period, I will loose the ranking, for what i've invested in it, I think having users is more important than paid downloads

Downside: I have had about 2 reviews, one positive and one negative from the 9000 downloads, so don't expect any feedback, but you do get lots of blog mentions, and we seemed to get lots of interest from Taiwan and China.

The negative review was based on not being able to open the app, which I find a little harsh when i've tracked around 15,000 game sessions via Flurry Statistics over the weekend. One 1 star review really screws you. I wish people would review more, especially free app promotions.

I also ran a promotion with which I found them to be excellent, and managed some minor chart success in Germany, but other than that i've not had much results from them. But i would use them again, quick, cheap and professional. I perhaps would just make my messages a little shorter.

Thanks for reading.
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