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App Developer Account [Question about TAX]

I have googled and still searching, reading and gathering information about the TAX (for NON-US app developer).
I am based in Japan. And I am aware that if I don't declare to apple, while making the developer's account, about the TAX then apple will hold 30% of what it owes me right ?

I have my app ready to be published to app store and next step is to make developers account ($100 registration fee)
But my question is
Is it ok If I open the account and publish the app and keep the revenue in the apple store (i.e don't withdraw it to my bank account ). LATER I provide the details that I am going to be paying Tax in Japan and once that is done I can withdraw the revenue?

Thanks in advance,
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  • KeysKeys Posts: 190New Users @ @
    The 30% is apples commission, they only take extra for some countries they sell apps to for vat.

    Like with all things to do with tax I would seek professional advice.

  • kevincobain2000kevincobain2000 Posts: 40New Users
    That 30% that is on top of the apple's commission (30%) so I turns out to be 60%.
    I will of course seek professional advice. But currently, can i publish the app and IF THE app makes money then don't ask for the money from apple to deposited. Keep it in the itunes connect and then later once I have the professional advice I can figure out the Tax.

    The reason is its my first app and I don't even know the response. So it will be satisfactory to see the response and then pay for professional advice. You reakon?
    Mountain Lion | xcode 4.5
  • KeysKeys Posts: 190New Users @ @
    No, they take 30% commission and I believe and extra 10% in some countriesfor sales there, I'm not sure how it works for Japan and VAT rules there.

    Then whatever you get from apple at the end of each month (between 60 - 70%), you will need to declare as income to pay income tax, or if you have a company, declare it to pay corporate tax.

    Again not sure if its the same for japan but that's what it's like in the UK.

    I would read up about this to understand your obligations before starting.

  • kevincobain2000kevincobain2000 Posts: 40New Users
    Cool Thanks a lot mate. I guess Japan should be similar to UK but will do the consultations of course. Thanks again
    Mountain Lion | xcode 4.5
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