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University Thesis iPhone Game Development Problem. Help!

johancros25johancros25 Posts: 1New Users
edited August 2012 in iOS SDK Game Development
Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing all right.

I am here because I need some help on how to code a section of a Music Quiz game that I am developing for my thesis at university, so any help you can provide will be very helpful. The game is based around 10 simple selection questions that can be answered through a customized UIPickerView. I am developing the logic for the actual Correct or Wrong answer of the quiz when an user selects one of the options given to them. There are 4 different options that are presented to the user through the picker.

The Problem:

I have an UIButton that is connected through an IBAction. In my implementation file, I need to code the button in a way that when a user picks an option from the PickerView and presses the button it should state whether he answered the question Correct or Wrong and be able to move to the next question. However, if the answer is wrong I have a scoreboard that updates everytime the user gets a right or wrong answer.

If anyone is able to help me, I would be very grateful.

Thank You so much for your attention.



  • rensurensu Posts: 27Registered Users
    Why dont you just check the current selection of the picker when the IBAction is executed? If it is correct add to the score if it is incorrect then minus from it..

    What exactly is your problem? Do you know how to check the current selection of the picker? Is updating the score board not working? Break your problem down into little parts.. Sounds like you want us to do your thesis for you ;)
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