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Photo App

creativegabrielcreativegabriel Posts: 1New Users
edited March 2012 in Tutorial Requests
I am new to developing. I have this idea and i have it all planned out I just need help on where to start and how to get it going. I have a simple app where it displays a new image everyday. I have a button I want them to press which will allow them to save said image(s) to their camera roll. Any help on where to start? I would love a tutorial in pretty basic terms. I understand most of the base structure of obj-c and what works. I'm just drawing an absolute blank.


  • gordonlivgordonliv Posts: 1New Users
    It looks like no one has replied to your post. And I'm in a very similar boat. Can anyone help please...?

    I'm trying to write an app which will display a picture as a random selection from the images in the resources folder (it could be a .png or a PDF or whatever) when the user presses a button. I've dragged the images I want into the resources folder in XCode, and have used the following code to generate a random number on the button press:

    slideChooser=1+(arc4random ( ) %10);

    I know that this particular code works as I've tried it out using NSLog. Numbers are definitely generated.

    But how can I get the images to display? I need to relate the random number to the relevant image in the resources folder. I'm at the moment trying to use UIImage, but I'm - as is creativegabriel - just drawing a blank. Should I be using a different method?

    I can post up the code I'm using if that helps. I'm not very experienced with iOS programming (in fact, this is my first app) and I'm perfectly prepared to be told that I'm going about it in the wrong way. But I'd like to get this app up and running soon as I need it for some teaching uses. Anyone got any advice, tips, code I can have?

    One thing I really don't want to do is go to App Makr or anything like that. I'd much rather do this myself and understand what's going on.

    Over to you clever guys...!
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