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OpenGL ES on the iPhone



  • Duncan CDuncan C Posts: 9,116Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @
    edited November 2011
    ridchan wrote: »
    thanks a lot!

    Has anybody found good tutorials for OpenGL ES 2.0?

    And also tutorials for using the new GLKit in iOS 5?

    I've seen tutorials for GLKit, but they all assume that you're using a GLKViewController, which forces you to use a full-screen OpenGL view. I need to use a GLKView by itself, without an owning GLKViewController. When I do that, it won't draw content.

    I've used another tutorial that creates an OpenGL ES 2.0 based subclass of UIView (with a backing CAEAGLLayer.) and updated it to use parts of GLKit. It works fine on the simulator, but nothing renders but the glClear. There's obviously something wrong with my setup, but I can't find it, despite wading through the code in great and painful detail, checking for errors after every OpenGL call, etc. It's very frustrating.
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  • TheLivingForceTheLivingForce Portola Valley, CAPosts: 1New Users Noob
    Mauriceatron -

    Whenever I try to view your tutorials, I get redirected to iCloud. If you could provide either a pdf download on a filesharing site, or tell me how to get around the redirect, that would be great.

  • funkytacofunkytaco AtlantaPosts: 413Registered Users @ @
    Holy thread bump, Batman. His website is probably dead. - My geek wddng blog
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