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Wanted: App For Experiment

TheAppHutTheAppHut AustraliaPosts: 27New Users @
Hi I am looking to get into app marketing and figure it would be a good idea to experiment with an app in order to test out what works and what doesnt. Therefore I am looking to buy an app that is already fully made and on the app store that I am able to have COMPLETE ownership of. I really not to fussed about the app its self, but would prefer one that is not a game. So really I don't care if it has 0 downloads a day, as long as the app is marketable I will be interested.
I am looking to spend $100
I have absolutley NO idea about app development or anything so you may have to help me set up my itunes account and put it on there.
If your interested either pm me here, email me at or write a comment below.


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