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sorting sqlite rows into appropriate table sections

WarblrWarblr Posts: 178Registered Users @ @
edited November 2013 in iOS SDK Development
Sadly I've been developing with obj-c for almost 4 years and still don't feel I have a handle on this ...

sqlite database with 3 columns: title, pub_year, copies_sold. I'd like users to be able to sort by pub_year or copies_sold and have the database rows displayed in the appropriate UITableView sections (i.e., a section for 1990, 1991, 1992, etc; or - 1 copy sold, 2 copies sold, etc). The issue I run into is the database has over 1000 rows already, and users can add more rows, so the information is not static. Due to the high number doing a "SELECT *" from the database and then sorting into appropriate sections with a 'for loop' takes a bit of time. I'm wondering if it is possible to have the sqlite database sort data into groups executing a SELECT command, as this would be much faster in an indexed database.

Any suggestions on how best to accomplish this would be greatly apprecaited.


  • khunterkhunter Posts: 44New Users @
    Within your sqlite database, add an index on pub_year and on copies_sold.

    Then, include an "order by" clause on your sql query - the results will come out in sorted order, so you don't have to sort them manually.


    SELECT title, pub_year, copies_sold FROM tableName ORDER BY pub_year

    Now all you'd have to do is break the list into the groups.
  • WarblrWarblr Posts: 178Registered Users @ @
    Thanks, khunter! I was looking into GROUP BY yesterday here. I'm fairly new to SQL(ite), so I was not aware of this clause. That will definitely get things in the preferred order, but I'll still need to run the for loop in obj-c to get them separated into appropriate sections (i.e., a dictionary of arrays of rows per section). I suspect that breaking the list into groups is actually what is slowing things down, not the query from the database.
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