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Twitter Marketing

panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
Can anyone give tips on marketing apps via twitter? I recently began this endeavor and I am mostly trying to gain new followers at the moment; doing so by being more active and following link minded individuals.

One thing I have noticed so far is that a tweet has a very short life span. It seems to drop off the face of the earth after a few minutes. Also, messaging new followers directly has been somewhat effective in getting people to check out my apps and in turn get downloads.


  • iekeiiekei Posts: 614Registered Users @ @ @
    A good way to get me not to check out someone's app is through Twitter direct messages.
  • dadincodadinco Posts: 36New Users @
    I agree with iekei. I hate DM's on Twitter. They have a spam feeling about them.

    I'm doing the same thing for my app right now. It's not launched yet but I'm trying to gain more followers for when it is launched (follow me @spotmydiff). Let me know if you do follow me (ironically) with a DM :p and we could help each other out.

    You just need to keep tweeting and engaging others. And it's ok if you repeat Tweets every now and then cause like you said they do get buried so quickly.

  • scottwbscottwb Posts: 952New Users @ @ @
    I use IDRTG
  • RedStripeRedStripe San Francisco, CAPosts: 63New Users @
    Use Hootsuite to schedule 2 or 3 relevant tweets per day. This will take an hour or two and you are good for the week. Engagement is better on weekends, so you may want to do more tweets then. The key is to provide very useful or entertaining information, otherwise you won't be able to keep the followers you pick up.

    Then use Tweepi (free) to follow people who follow accounts that are similar to yours. This way, you have a good chance that they will be interested in your tweets too. Be sure to only follow a hundred or so a day or you might get tagged by Twitter. I've never had a problem though. About 20-30% of the people you follow will follow you back. Then unfollow all and follow new users.

    TweetAdder is another software that might help. I've used something similar to build several accounts from 0 to 2,500 followers, inside of two weeks...back in the day.

    If you have time to spare, then also spend some time every week interacting with your audience.

    And don't use TrueTwit. Anyone who does really is. And don't buy followers either.

    Hope that helps!
  • veomeaveomea BeijingPosts: 18New Users *
    Twitter is a great place to reach out to tech writers who are always open to new stuff to review. You may wanna focus on that niche, and who knows, maybe your app could grip one's attention and get featured in a review : ) good luck!
  • panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have been active on Twitter for the past few weeks and I have found above all it is a good way to connect with other like minded people, and it is somewhat addicting.
  • WoodnyWoodny PolandPosts: 6New Users Noob
    What do you think about posting from your account for every 30 mins about only your game?
  • panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
    Woodny wrote: »
    What do you think about posting from your account for every 30 mins about only your game?

    Not sure how this will work, as I have not tried it. I personally think it depends on what your goals are on Twitter. If you want to have a good loyal following, then I doubt this will work as you will be seen as a spammer and your followers will ignore you and possibly unfollow. On the other hand, if you just want to spam your app and hopefully get noticed by people searching for certain words, then this might work.

    Here is my current strategy; try every day to get a good number of quality followers, post at least twice a day about my apps or app/game related stuff, interact with others and use affiliate links in all app posts. I am thinking in the long run this will pay off, but we shall see :)

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