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Searching large data sets using Web Service and UITableView/Search Bar

omgitzdaveomgitzdave Rochester, NYPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hi All - I am a programmer by trade, but new to iOS development. Any advice on my question below would be appreciated!

I created an app that allows users to share stories. Each story is saved to a backend database and is push/pulled via webservice. There are thousands of stories and let's assume there could be millions.

I am now looking to implement a search feature using a UITableView and a Search Bar.

How can I efficiently/quickly search my entire database and display it to a user view a UITableView?

I was thinking of waiting until the user types in a 4 characters, perform a query via webservice to retrieve the first 100 relevant results, load them into a UITableView and then trim the results client-side when the user continues to type in the Search Bar (more than 4 characters).

Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Does anyone have any examples of searches thousands of records?

I'm assuming what I want is similar to how the Apple Store search works. They have hundreds of thousands of apps, and their searching is very fast and accurate.


  • RickSDKRickSDK Posts: 1,240Registered Users @ @ @ @
    what you mentioned sounds reasonable. give it a try. you won't know for sure about the performance until you have it running on a device, but you will clearly need background threads/async calls for something like this.
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