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Why Admob eCpm decreases the last 5 days

ramos_6ramos_6 caPosts: 3New Users Noob

We have 4 apps in app store and in android, the last 5 days we are facing huge drop in revenue and in eCpm (almost 50% drop).

From the reports and Admob statistics, we have around same number of clicks, and even a little higher.

Is someone else facing this?

Can some one help me to know why is this happenning?



  • BaksaiAppsBaksaiApps ChilePosts: 23New Users @
    I can only speak for the Google Play store, but we have not had any significant drop in the eCPM. How many impressions are you producing daily? If it is a low value, then it could just be the normal effect of the variance
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