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Ultimate Mobile App Marketing Guide

R3vR3v Posts: 3New Users
edited June 2013 in Shameless Advertising
Hi guys,

my name is Martin and I'm reading this forums for a long time. However, I decided to make an account too now, since I have launched my new blog about mobile app marketing. I'm Chief Marketing Officer at social and mobile game development company with over 100 people, we have over 1 million monthly active users.

In spare time, I also do my own apps and games and I'm in contact with many independent programmers and game developers. That's mostly why I have started writing about my experience about app and game marketing.

Don't wanna spam, just spread a word - I think you could actually find my articles useful. Don't hesitate to share them and even better - don't hesitate to tell me a feedback here - I will appreciate it very much!



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