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Who Deleted Me on Facebook for IOS – FaceBlock Pro

NSevenNSeven Posts: 69Registered Users @
I am selling the source code that i made for my new iPhone app that i have just launched on the iTunes App store, the app is called FaceBlock Pro, the app is written in latest xCode and is compatible with ALL iphones…. here’s a bit about it.

FaceBlock Pro lets you know who has deleted you as a friend on Facebook. FaceBlock Pro even alerts you when this happens via Notification Center.

One of the all time best selling apps on “the other Mobile Platform” finally comes to IOS.
Exclusive IOS “Pro” edition, features numerous exclusive and previously unreleased features.
FaceBlock Pro is a simple lightweight app that allows you to monitor your Facebook friends all the time.

FaceBlock Pro alerts you and even tells you who has deleted you as a friend. FaceBlock Pro even alerts you when this happens via Notification Center – so you’ll always be in the know! Kool eh?

FaceBlock Pro Features:
- View all your Facebook friends in a list.
- near REALTIME alerts when you have been unfriended.
- Recent Activity of friends that have unfriended you in the last 24 hours.
- History of all friends that have unfriended you since the app was installed.
- Total Number of Facebook friends you currently have
- Options to share this app on Facebook and Twitter.
FaceBlock Pro is coded using Apple’s latest SDK and runs perfectly on any IOS 7.0 and greater iPhone or iPod.

FaceBlock Pro needs to be open on your device and running in the background to be able to notify you of a friend removal.

FaceBlock Pro cannot alert you to people that deleted you before the app was installed.

I am selling the source code for $200 which is a bargain for anyone wanting to make an app like this.

I retain all rights to this app Name & Images, you must change these before submitting to App Store.


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