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Texting and Driving App - PLEASE HELP

cdschwabcdschwab United StatesPosts: 2New Users Noob
I'm researching apps that disable cellular phone usage while in a vehicle. The basic functionality of all of these apps (below) is that when the GPS indicates speed of over X mph, the texting and/or calling function is disabled.



It seems like most of these apps are not available on iOS. However, some are--SafeCell; TextLimit; Canary; MobiloPlus; and DriveSafe.LY.

Could someone fill me in on the details as to why one of these apps may or may not be approved? Or, in the alternative, why these other app companies may not offer an iOS version?

Thank you.


  • RickSDKRickSDK Posts: 1,240Registered Users @ @ @ @
    apple does let apps touch phone functions outside of the app. For example it doesn't allow you to disable phone calls and texting. Its an apple thing and the only way around it is with a jailbroken phone.
  • cdschwabcdschwab United StatesPosts: 2New Users Noob
    Thanks for your reply, Rick. But how/why are some of these apps, with the same functionality, available on iOS?
  • BrianSlickBrianSlick Treadmill Desk Ninja Posts: 10,692Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
    edited April 2014
    From what I can tell with a quick search of them, you have not conducted adequate research.

    SafeCell - Not currently available on the app store. Their web site does not distinguish between iOS and Android capabilities. So the descriptions provided most likely apply to their Android app.

    TextLimit - From the description, this does not claim to disable anything.

    Canary - The description does not claim to disable anything. The screen shots make it look like you can track stuff, but I suspect what is being shown is data from Canary's web site likely showing what has been collected from the Android app.

    MobiloPlus - I can't find any evidence that this exists. Name typo?

    DriveSafe.LY - I'm not finding this on the store. Considering that they do not provide an app store link on their web site (or at least I don't care enough to enter my details to find out how they provide the app), my guess is that this could be a jailbreak app.

    So you've mentioned 5 apps, 3 of which are not on the store, the remaining 2 do not claim to do what you say they do. Not sure what kind of research you are doing, but you need to dig a little deeper than you have done so far.

    As far as restrictions, you are not able to access or interfere with any of the following:
    - Phone
    - Messaging (other than creating messages)
    - Notifications (other than creating notifications)
    - Built-in email (you can create your own email app, but you can't touch the system app)

    You also can't prevent the user from hitting the home button and leaving your app.

    Anyone claiming to do so on iOS is either lying or depending on a jailbreak. The latter case would obviously not be on the app store.
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