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WANTED: "Free Music Download" sort of app

tomgood887tomgood887 Posts: 126New Users @ @
contact me.


  • ipodphoneipodphone Posts: 298Registered Users @ @
    edited January 2013
    Contact me as well if somebody has this kind of cide, I've been looking for something like this also!
  • raymngraymng Posts: 2,049Registered Users @ @ @ @
    Me too...thanks.
  • Steventheking01Steventheking01 AmsterdamPosts: 12New Users *
    I am a big fan of Music Queue Player. It uses the same layout as the Apple Music app (so it's super easy to use) but the guy has enhanced the interface and let you create queues, all for free! Definitely recommend it. For me, it's fixed what was missing in the Music app.
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