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$50 000 Marketing campaign

bcnbcn australiaPosts: 11New Users *
Hey all,

I'm currently working on developing an iPhone and iPad App, it will be under the category of Lifestyle and although it is still a few months away from being released I figured it was best to start planning my marketing campaign now.
My question is directed at everyone and anyone who has personally been through the whole marketing process or is involved in marketing.

With a budget of around $50 000, what in your opinion would be the best way to spend that money? What have you tried and succeeded with? What have you tried and failed with? Anything from handing out flyers in your neighbourhood, visual advertising, radio ad's to social media campaigns, what worked the best for you?

My App is the sort of App that would require a lot of people to use it to be successful, and I'm sure that most people would love to use it but I just need to make sure it gets discovered.


  • samichaudrysamichaudry Posts: 31Registered Users @
    If your app is free, your best option is to spend you 50k on a pay per install advertising campaign in the US, at 50 cents a download you'd get 100,000 downloads which would put in the top 10 free apps overall and if your app is setup to retain users and make use of social plugins you could get the snowball affect and go viral.
  • bcnbcn australiaPosts: 11New Users *
    Hey thanks tonnes! Due to the fact that I live in Australia I have been considering targeting somewhere with a much greater population density like the U.S but the method of pay per install had not even occurred to me. I was thinking I'd have to invest a lot of money to actually fly over sea's to do something like that but a pay per install campaign wouldn't require that at all so it's perfect.
    You sound like you know what you're talking about, have you personally used a pay per install advertising campaign? How do they work? Will it be actual people downloading the App or will a majority of the downloads be bots or something like that?
    Sorry for all the questions, I am quite new to all of this stuff in fact a few months ago I'd never even owned an iPhone so I'm trying to gain all the knowledge I can from anywhere I can.
  • ryankelleyryankelley United StatesPosts: 4New Users Noob
    You could spend 50K and blow your whole budget on a pay per install campaign, which will get you a lot of downloads. Now, if you get 100,000 + downloads and you have bugs or the app doesn't do as well as you thought, what are you going to do? You have an app that is going to get bad reviews from the start.

    Save your money and use a ASO (App Store Optimization) Agency to make sure your metadata is optimized and localized correctly. Buying downloads is great but nothing beats good ASO and organic traffic.

    One strategy is a soft launch to gather feedback, then once you have that initial feedback build a website, create a video, do targeted press releases and listen to your users.
  • NSString255NSString255 Posts: 84New Users @

    Although to some $50k sounds like a lot, its actually not so much.

    You can buy your way to the top charts, but as others here mentioned, you risk being exposed to bugs and stuff.. So do a soft launch.

    Here is how I would do the launch and use of the proceeds:

    Spend about $2k in trying to aquire a small set of users.. Maybe using PPI but be careful with that.

    Once you get good feedback and proper updates, then go for the large PPI.

    Prior to that, make sure you do your research on keywords and optimize the heck out of it. Keep in mind ASO is not a one time thing. It will require some trial and error. So do ASO, see if #'s go up, if not optimize, etc...
  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 279Registered Users @ @
    Unless that 50k is going to be spent by a marketing expert this story could go terribly wrong.
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  • PlutoPrimePlutoPrime Posts: 351Registered Users @ @
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  • samichaudrysamichaudry Posts: 31Registered Users @
    Yes I'm talking from experience I reached no. 2 free app in the UK (2nd to Pacman) with 60k downloads a day however that was organic, I then spent 10k in the US and got to no. 2 in trivia games and 50 in games overall, however I think I just about broke into top 200 free overall, 10k wasn't enough to go any further. 50k deffo would be though.
  • samichaudrysamichaudry Posts: 31Registered Users @
    @Crichton333‌ @PlutoPrime‌ just looked at your apps... a flappy bird clone and 2048 copy? and some card games? lol
  • bcnbcn australiaPosts: 11New Users *
    Thanks for the feedback @ryankelley @comiccreations @NSString225. I can see what you're saying there. I definitely do not want to risk screwing everything up and losing my money from releasing a shitty App so I will take this into consideration and because I'm not actually making the App myself but getting a company to make it, if I lose out, it'll be much more then 50k. But I really would like to make the most of the boost I'd get from the initial launch so yeah, that's a bit of a pickle there.

    @Crichton333 @PlutoPrime this is why I am already starting to plan and research my best options for marketing, the App is still probably about 4-5 months from being finished so I think in this time I should be fully prepared. Hiring a marketing expert was never out of the picture either, this post was about the best way to spend the 50K not excluding any possible methods or approaches.

    @samichaudry I knew you must have been talking from experience, what is your App called? I wouldn't mind checking it out.

    Thanks again all.
  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 279Registered Users @ @
    @Crichton333‌ @PlutoPrime‌ just looked at your apps... a flappy bird clone and 2048 copy? and some card games? lol

    Lol who even quoted you.

    "Smoke me a kipper i'll be back for breakfast." -- iOS: Nebula Virtual Reality
  • bcnbcn australiaPosts: 11New Users *
    Hey guys, it may sound like an odd approach but what do you think of the idea of door to door promoting? In a full day I imagine I'd come across maybe 50 people with an Iphone who may be willing to have a quick chat and once I'm face to face with them on a personal level I think I may be able to get them interested in it. Has anyone ever heard of App marketing done this way, or do you think it is just a ridiculous idea and a waste of time?
  • ryankelleyryankelley United StatesPosts: 4New Users Noob
    That is not a bad idea at all but reviewing apps is one of the best ways you can learn what works and what doesn't work. Think of it as app education. You can learn how to monetize more effectively and how to keep users engaged. I recommend for peer to peer app review exchange to gain "karma" points before your app launches. Chances are your app (your baby) has already been done more than once so study what your competition is doing right and wrong and then adjust accordingly. If you are not launching for 4-5 months what have you done to prepare for iOS8?
  • sinhahumayunsinhahumayun DhakaPosts: 209New Users @ @
    edited June 2014
    @bcn‌ first of all, I would like appreciate your wisdom in thinking ahead of time. Many don't, including myself, and many app don't receive the due attention because of no marketing or faulty marketing.

    If I may, I have the following recommendations from you.

    1. Invest small to start with. Whatever method you use, ASO, or pay per click, pay per install and whatever service you use, don't invest all at once. Plan your campaign, choose your methods, choose your services, now scale down your campaign and fit it to 5000usd. Monitor the performance and take it from there. Don't jump at it with all you have, that's the worst thing that can happen.

    2. Pay per install is not bad, but usually low cost pay per install don't generate target customers who would pay or engage in your app. So, in most cases, the money spent never comes back through those customers. So, be careful about what service you use for PPI. FB app install gives very targeted and relevant users, but the cost is a lot higher. So, you can consider a mix of fb app install, ad mob interstitial and other similar service.

    3. Don't ignore ASO. The reality is no one knows your app more than you do. So, do the primary ASO yourself. If you think you need help, hire someone. But, don't spend a fortune on them as ASO is a practice of frequent change and experimentation, which largely has to be done from developers end. So, don't blow all your money on hired services.

    4. It might be a good idea (as you mentioned before) to create a fan base. You can try to create a community of around 100-500 folks who use iOS devices and give them some incentive, such as free in apps, or something. As soon as your app is out, get in touch with them and get them to download your app and give ratings and reviews. It always helps if all the reviews are generated from a lucrative store such as USA. But, Australia store would work just fine, no worries. I could never do this because I am from Bangladesh, and iOS devices are not very popular down here.

    5. I don't think you have an email long list of subscribers or users. If you do, use them. Do email marketing. Many are skeptics and don't belief in email marketing. Its old school, but it works. Works every time I do it.

    My last advice, if anyone claims that for XXX amount of dollars he can get in the top 10 overall or so on, DON'T fall for that, he is using bots or stealing your money. Experienced marketers never consent to a target of ranking, because a lot depends on the app and its appeal, no one can guarantee.
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  • samichaudrysamichaudry Posts: 31Registered Users @
    @bcn my apps are called Cartoon Quiz and Problems
  • bcnbcn australiaPosts: 11New Users *
    @ryankelley Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely get onto that. I hadn't even thought about it to be honest I didn't realise it was coming so soon. I think I will just bite the bullet and fork out a bit more for that too.

    @sinhahumayun You are so bloody wise it's incredible, I feel as if I should pay you for that advice alone! I have looked into the email marketing and found that you can actually buy email addresses owned by people in certain categories for a reasonably small fee, so I think that will be on the cards. Thanks mate!

    @m30jake You're also a legend, invaluable advice right here. I will definitely get in contact with you soon I would very much appreciate a Skype chat.

    I can't thank you guys enough for taking the time to help me out, your advice will go a long way and I appreciate it very much.
  • maxmorrisonmaxmorrison SloveniaPosts: 2New Users Noob
    m30jake wrote: »

    I have no idea what your app is but here is some general advice:

    1) The app must be free

    2) Invest small and optimize your install-IAP conversion so when you invest big you will make a bigger margin

    3) I dont suggest aiming to get to the top of the charts as its no sustainable

    4) Make sure you have social sharing in your app, to promote content/achievements and to invite friends - maybe the user can get something in return for a tweet?

    5) Have a registration option (email or Facebook connnect) to build user base and collect email addresses

    6) Have an incentive for people to invite their friends for some kind of content reward; take advantage of Facebook connect users to use the Facebook SDK to invite Facebook friends to your app

    7) Don't focus on a one-off IAP purchase of your app, think of a model that will allow users to buy again and again in your app to make it sustainable. Then you can focus your marketing efforts on the lifetime value of each client

    8) Once you have invested small, optimized your conversions of In app purchases, got people inviting their friends and know more or less your users lifetime value (install the flurry and Localytics SDK) then you know what you can pay per app install on Facebook and Flurry ads and invest big time to make a profit

    9) Use Localytics to send out custom push notifcations to your user base to promote user retention and get them to purchase

    10) Create a culture in your app where the user must use it daily, this will increase activity which will positively affect your rankings in the app store

    11) Add a "review this app" popup for some kind of reward

    12) Create a retargetting campaign in Flurry to get people to come back to your app and purchase

    PM me if you want to talk on Skype or something and Ill give you my experience of having apps for the past year.

    Good luck.

    excelent post with some original advices. Thumbs up
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