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Twitter follow Client

StephanoitzStephanoitz Posts: 2New Users Noob
I am working on a twitter follow client, like twitgrow etc.
right now, it is all ocompleted, and im finishing the final details.

Therefor i need to build a database with real users (and there permission).
the basic idea of the app is:

you follow someone, you get 1 token
someone follows you, it costs 3 tokens.
so it it can be completely free.

if you dont want to follow anyone, you can purchase tokens, so you only get followers.

if you are willing to help me out, i will give you the 25000 coins, wich comes to 8300+ real human followers.

i cannot do this with a promocode, because the app is not live yet.

i do not need your password.

because i am filling this data in by hand i need the following information:

- your permission using PM
- twitter user name (after the '@')
- followers you have
- people you follow
- number of tweets you have
- link to your profile image (just click on it with the right mouse button, and the "see image").

you dont have to install the app at all, it is all done by our server.
You will be in there and gain followers.

You will not gain followers before the app is live.
Your account will be promoted untill you are out of coins (or untill you tell me to remove you from the server).

please drop me a private message with your permission and the information.

thanks in advance!

i didnt know exactly where to put this, so i haveput it in the advertising section.
If im supposed to put this somewhere else, please let me know, and ill move it asap


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