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App Store Growth Slows In August

dombracherdombracher LondonPosts: 8New Users Noob
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So I have been paying close attention to the number of applications being added to each category of the App Store, in a bid to better understand the supply of apps being added on iOS.

In August, I was surprised to see that 95% of App Store categories saw a decrease in the number of applications added, with some categories experiencing a drop of over 30%.

Take a look at the data here, I'd love to know people's thoughts:
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  • savannasavanna Posts: 275New Users @ @
    How do you know how many apps are being added?
  • iosandwiniosandwin MumbaiPosts: 374New Users @ @
    edited October 2014
    Yes how do you know that? If true, it's a good thing you would think? Right?

    *okay I read the article I'm now more informed than my earlier comment, thanks!
  • UIUsUIUs Posts: 177Moderators Admin
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  • dombracherdombracher LondonPosts: 8New Users Noob
    edited October 2014
    Hey @savanna

    The data is coming from Priori Data (credited on the images in the post).

    @iosandwin‌ Yup, if downloads continue to increase at a faster rate than apps are added to the store, then overtime opportunity will increase :).
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