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Xmas 2014: Special protocols for release?

iLoveShowersiLoveShowers AustraliaPosts: 12New Users *

We are an indie startup company and we are planning to release our first game this coming Christmas :P.
Are there any special protocols or things we need to follow especially around Xmas time? ie. Should we plan to submit the app 2 weeks before Xmas?



  • MarkCMarkC Yorkshire, EnglandPosts: 1,968iPhone Dev SDK Supporter, Registered Users @ @ @ @
    I'd do it as soon as you can and stick it on 'developer hold'. They have an iTC hiatus over Christmas, there's a plethora of Christmas themed apps making the review times longer, you may not get through first time, etc etc. I'd be looking at getting a 'banker' in at least 5 weeks before Christmas.

    About now then!!
  • iLoveShowersiLoveShowers AustraliaPosts: 12New Users *
    cool thanks MarC, we'll try and release a working build asap to get it approved, then plan to patch more content in later.
  • iLoveShowersiLoveShowers AustraliaPosts: 12New Users *
    Also, is it a good strategy to get an initial build approved now, put it on "Developer Hold", then add in the "big patch" later?

    Will this speed up the approval process or will the "big patch" have to go through the same process/waiting queue as the intiial build?
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