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Twitter Ads?

MaggiesGamesMaggiesGames SwedenPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone has used Twitter Ads to promote App installs? I am thinking of giving it a go, but hearing from someone who has tried it would be interesting.


  • KarlJayKarlJay Posts: 437Registered Users @ @
    Someone here did a paid run on Twitter a while back and it was VERY bad. The sales where about 5% of what he needed to get his money back (IIRC). The cost (IIRC) was not huge (few hundred $$ or so), the downloads where about 20 or 30, big loss %.

    I remember he had no control over the time of the tweet.

    I'm no expert, but with something that has close to unlimited number of runs (no control over how many tweets) unlike an old printed ad where you were the only ad for the whole time, you have a problem of a flood of ads that can wash out the effect of yours.

    2nd is the issue of ads being marked as ads instead of someone actually saying "I like this app".

    One other note is that any marketing research would have to look closely at the app itself, some are dud apps trying to make a splash. I don't think there's good info on demographics of tweets, how do you know you are reaching people that would like your app to begin with?

    Another issue with apps vs other things is that volume matters. In one study of Twitter, they looked at some 400,000 accounts and found the well over 80% only had 1 follower.

    It seems that Twitter follows the same model as apps, very very few control most all the traffic. Just like the web, a very small percent of web pages account for almost all the traffic.
  • KarlJayKarlJay Posts: 437Registered Users @ @
    I probably should have pointed out that this twitter ad was from some "celeb tweets for sale" type site. This would be different from someone that built their own following on Twitter.
  • appPushUPappPushUP SpainPosts: 8New Users Noob
    I used it and got very good results but I had to play a lot with segmentation. At the beginning cost was $5 per install and at the end around $0.5
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