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Porting iOS app to Android -- Keep IAP Model?

JasperSeaJasperSea New YorkPosts: 37New Users @
I have a free iPhone app that relies on in-app purchases. I'm looking to have this same app developed for Android.

About 5-6% of my users are making a single $2 in-app purchase , and I'm happy with this conversion rate. That said, I've heard that IAPs do not convert nearly as well on the Android platform. As such, I'm considering giving away all the features for free on Android, and just running ads.

Do you think it would be wise to ditch the IAP model for Android, and instead just run ads? Or, if IAPs are working well on iOS, would you stick with the same model on Android?

I understand this decision likely depends on the nature of the app, but if anyone has any insights or experiences with this sort of situation, I would greatly appreciate any info or advice!


  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 231Registered Users @ @
    I was in the same situation. I decided to go mainly with the ad funded option for Android, but still with an IAP for removing the ads and a couple of the more advanced features.

    Not sure if this was best or not. Ad revenue is lower on Android than on iOS anyway, and you need a significant number of active users to make decent cash. I get a small number of upgrades on Android (approx. 1%). I think if I changed the model back to what it is on iOS with more features crippled then my upgrade rate may not be dissimilar.

    Still, it is also good to have a diverse strategy. Those ads may pay off one day...
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