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Does a website make much difference to app downloads?

SeanyKSeanyK Posts: 198Registered Users @ @
Hey folks, so firstly, I know you do require a website for the purpose of support etc but generally speaking, how much, if any, difference does a website make for increasing app downloads?

Have any of you spent lots on a website, optimized SEO, individual pages for each app, and seen any increase in downloads? Or is a simple website with links directly to the relevant app store a better option?

I have personally had a website in the past with several pages, but found it a chore having to update it each time I uploaded a new app, and web design is definitely not my strong point! I also struggled when it came to figuring out how to showcase a larger number of apps etc.

Would be interested to hear your viewpoints on this... :)


  • panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
    I don't believe it helps much unless you are using the site as part of a marketing strategy, or doing SEO to increase traffic.

    As for managing the site, you can find a relatively inexpensive wordpress theme that can make these tasks a bit less arduous.
  • felipewatanabefelipewatanabe São Paulo / BrazilPosts: 152Registered Users @ @
    We keep our site updated with every game release, but it's never been a big source of downloads by itself. Even though our site is optimized for all devices, most of its traffic comes from desktop so my guess is that people who wants to download one of the games they've seen will probably just get their devices and search the app store for it instead.

    It can be useful though, our users can share posts that link to our pages on social networks. Our most popular URL, from one of our games, has been shared over 600k times on Facebook alone.
    Head of Marketing at Tapps Games
  • iSpreadNewsiSpreadNews Posts: 359Registered Users @ @
    I definitely helps to have a site when contacting editors of various news sites and blogs - you can put a nice press-kit on one page, with thumbnails of all screenshots, icons at various resolutions, all videos you have, and app description.

    Also if your app is not a game, people may be using desktop computer for searching apps like yours. - VERY CHEAP (from $50) way to send your iPhone/iPad app announcement to hundreds of blog & news sites owners over the globe.

    Just remember that there other countries besides US!
  • AlisaLevAlisaLev UkrainePosts: 124New Users @ @
    The website is also good for the FAQs, if it's a game or just an application. I also monitor support letters in our company and realize that FAQ on the website will be very helpful if it's not provided in an app itself.
  • scottwbscottwb Posts: 952New Users @ @ @
    We have a comprehensive site ( Most we get is perhaps 1-2 downloads per day from the site.

    However, it's there for posting links on Facebook, Twitter etc
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