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Where to sell source code of iOS apps except popular sites ?

alexeiralexeir USA, New YorkPosts: 50New Users @
Hi All,
I tried to sell my apps and source codes on different sites like Apptopia, Chupamobile, CodeCanyon etc. Also tried posting on several iOS forums. The effect was small

May be because of big number of apps or so. I don't know. My apps have good quality and cheap prices so I don't know the real reason.

Can someone tell me good places where I can offer them ?



  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    There are too many people trying to sell source code. And a lot of source code is readily available on the web for free.

    Hence your problem selling it.
  • alexeiralexeir USA, New YorkPosts: 50New Users @
    I tried to look for free app source code. There are not so much, may be complete 5-10 apps. But of course lot's of free components and examples.
  • merlinmerlin Warsaw, PolandPosts: 270Registered Users @ @
    It's just like with apps I guess - putting up the product on the site is not enough. You have to learn to market it.
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  • monsterbeatmonsterbeat USAPosts: 11New Users *
    edited March 2015
    Is your source code unique? its not the source code that sells, its how popular the game/app is that you are selling the source code of.
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