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I need some estimation how much ~will it cost to hold multiplayer server (1 vs 1 )

umenumen Posts: 32New Users @
Hello all
i know its all depend , but i need somekind of estimate for cost ,
if i like to setup server for multiplay the game is real time player VS player.
any real life numbers ?
any hosting recommendations?
thanks !


  • rajeev_etdrajeev_etd GuragaonPosts: 2New Users Noob
    edited March 2015
    Setting up a server for a multi-player game requires the following things to be considered
    1. Writing the server side code
    2. Writing client side code to communicate with your server
    3. Hosting the server side code
    4. Scalability of your server in case the game becomes famous and many more..

    There are many PaaS players in the market that you can choose for hosting your server depending upon your requirement and their pricing.

    Also there are many 3rd party multi-player gaming backend server providers in the market who take care of all the above mentioned basic parameters. You do not need to worry about the server side coding and hosting.

    The benefit of this is that you can solely concentrate on making your game better and better without being worried about the server. It will also reduce the overall cost and development time almost by half.

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