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Keyword Research Tool To Help Find New Keywords

IconicDigitalIconicDigital LondonPosts: 469Registered Users @ @
edited February 2015 in Service Providers
Hi Guys

Hope you guys don't mind but I Just wanted to share my new tool with you all. I've spent the last few weeks developing it and being a member here for quite a while I thought this would be a great place to introduce it.

After reading a lot of advice on here I decided to build myself a tool that would help me extract potential keywords. Instead of guessing at what keywords are being used by apps I decided to create a tool that would instead use app store reviews as a base for extracting keywords.

What It Does
The tool takes a new approach to finding keywords by focuses on extracting keywords from App Store reviews left by users.

Search By Categories
You can search for keywords by category. For example pick games and the app will pull in the latest apps in the game category and then parse their reviews for possible keywords.


Search By App ID
If you have an app or competitor that you want to check,you can enter their id and results will be shown.

Search By Rankings
The app will show the latest app store rankings from which you can choose apps from.


Anyhow hope some of you guys can give it a try. It has a free 24hour trial and I have created a discount code for anyone that wants to carry on using it, its aso5 and it reduces the price to $5.00.

Let me know what you guys think.

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