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Need some help to upload my App with WatchKit Extension

Trisect DevelopmentTrisect Development DenmarkPosts: 299Registered Users @ @

I'm trying to upload my App + with Apple Watch Extension to the AppStore but I get this error:

None of the valid provisioning profiles include the devices:
Jens iPhone 6+, Jens Chr.s Apple Watch.

It gives me the option to Fix Issue, but that does not help a bit.

I tryed a lot of different ways to fix it but without any luck.

I have both devices in IOS Devices under my developer account.
I also tried to delete all my App IDs and Provisioning Profiles.

Anyone know what to do?
Or a really good step by step tutorial on how to upload my App with AppleWatch Extension.

I have a version on the AppStore of my App, but really want to get my Apple Watch Extension uploaded to.

I hope someone can help me.


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