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Is this good Stats for start up ?

bhavinpanara22bhavinpanara22 Posts: 69New Users @
edited September 2015 in Business, Legal, & App Store

I got my first iOS game reviewed & live on app store by apple on 20 September.
Here is the link,

And after 2 days, i got my first sales report. Here it is.

Total Sales = 24
Europe - 10,
Asia Pacific - 7,
Africa,Middle East, India - 4,

Platform wise,

iPhone - 13
iPad - 10
Desktop - 1

So, are these stats good for start up ? Remember, i have not advertised my game. Out of these 24, only 2 was done by me.

If these stats are not good then can you please tell me how can i increase my sales ?

I have not released my game for Desktop, then how there is 1 sale for Desktop ?



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