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My first app: WhatTheSound record and guess sounds with strangers and friends

clickbeastclickbeast BelgiumPosts: 7New Users Noob
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Trough out the months I have posted questions on this forum about app development , I was actually learning to build my first app ever and would like to say thank you for the help on this forum. I love that there are communities like this.

Now the day has finally arrived that I have released my app WhatTheSound. The app is actually quite simple, the app allows people to play with strangers or friends and they can guess sounds that the other person mimics. It's a quiz but where you and your friends are the sound...
For example a cow moooo and the other person gets to guess that, it's a cow! :smiley:

I think it's really fun and especially funny if you hear people trying to mimic sounds, characters or even songs. And the greatest benefit I think is that you get to discover new people trough it in a fun way :blush:

Know for some more inside stuff:
Since I only had a shoestring budget I needed to get creative. I tried to use CloudKit at it's full potential and used it as a large part for the backend of WhatTheSound. Notifications, gameplay a lot of the app runs on it. And it makes the user experience easier since the user doesn't need a login. Sure it took a lot of little tricks since CloudKit is a bit limited but after a couple of months I finished it and I think it works quite well... Even if you don't like the idea please do take a look at it I think it's a great usage of CloudKit.

So I hope you guys take a look at it. And I would love any feedback.
If you have any questions please ask. I am all ears!

Here is the link to it:


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