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Apple, here's a hint for you.

jhonkjjhonkj Posts: 150New Users @ @
The reason iPad pro sales are so slow, is you turn off a whole segment of affluent people, when you charge $100 for a.... wait for it.... pencil. I don't care if I make $1 Billion, it leaves a bad taste in my sole, when a company doesn't have the B*lls to include the freaking pencil. besides way over charging for the whole thing in the first place.

MSFT is so hard up, it can't afford to make such stupid decisions like it used to do anymore. apparently Apple has taken over the dumb fat monopoly standard for the last couple of years, since MSFT has been out of it for so long.

and no offense to Jonny Ive, who apparently isn't old enough to know, the reason the original graphite pencil was designed with a hexagon cross section, is so it doesn't roll off the desk, which way back when, the desks were slanted in many schools and offices. and a d*mn smart design decision in the first place. You find out why the wheel was invented, before you start changing the design of the wheel.... guess how we use the iPad Jonny... on a flat desk? or something other than flat??????

I look forward to the day when Apple wakes up out of it's fat lazy monopoly stuper that it has recently attained, and apparently lasts 10 to 20 years, judging from MSFT's long stuper in darkness.

Remember Vista, and before that when MSFT charged $350 for an OS? yeah, how'd that work out.... seriously the people they let out of Business school have a serious lack of understanding about how things turn out when you start leaving bad tastes in people's mouths, and that includes loyal customers.

On the day they released Vista, I predicted MSFT would never be able to raise the price of their OS again..... and soon would have to give it away for free to stay competitive, not because of the competition, but because they changed things, ONLY so they could have another release of change...

sound familiar..... Apple..... except now it isn't about money, it is about the perception... regardless of if the OS needs to be released or not, they will release it... half baked or not....

I cringe every time the release a new Xcode or OS, because of how many things they break now... in Xcode, I can't even do a search and replace on a string for more than about 250 items now. oh it'll change some of them though.. :) thanks for that... which by the way, makes a real mess of source code, which you will be happy to know, there is no way to recover from, because guess what, Xcode also took out the auto snapshot feature, which you could recover from no matter what mess you've made. (a Xcode time machine on steroids). instead Apple, apparently being infiltrated by MSFT engineers, believes that none automated source control can replace snapshot, because you know, all of us developers know exactly when to back up, just before we make a mess of a file... right... we all back up exactly at the right times.... right.... geeze Apple... who is in control over there? (edit: maybe they fixed this search and replace bug now, I don't know, I don't update anymore until they force me too. how did we get into that relationship..... APPLE.... how)


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    Apple has jumped the shark.

  • jhonkjjhonkj Posts: 150New Users @ @
    worst part of the iPad pro situation, is I can't design apps for it, because it would be like committing business suicide. they have so few sales, my app wouldn't sell, so i have to design for the devices that do sell, maybe put in a little if someone has an iPad pro, like that 1 person in Russia that makes a living by extorting businesses, and has a side job of running the country.... (I think he doesn't care what bad tastes are left in his mouth, and actually applauds companies and politicians that do)

    Surprisingly the devices that do sell, are not over priced by double what they should be... :)
    Thank god apple got away with selling a $600 device, for $200, because the cell companies were so desperate, they were willing to sort of hide the other $400.... ok, some one got out of Business school smart... just not most of them....
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