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How to price app?

pixpaxpixpax Posts: 4New Users Noob
A company reached out to me recently and is inquiring about buying my app. They appear legit. And the deal could be worth a substantial amount. They want to use their own in-house team to price the app but I'd like to get my own estimate from a 3rd party. And preferably a company who can help with the negotiation.

I've searched for App Brokers but I'm coming up empty. Any ideas?


  • bolgarik67bolgarik67 UkrainePosts: 5New Users Noob
    Maybe late but. App cost calculates from "Monthly revenue" multiplied by "24 months". So if app makes $100 it will cost $2400. This works for apps with 6+ months statistics. If earnings rising from month to month then multiply by 30 months, if app earnings goes down then 15-20.
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