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Will new apps get downloads without marketing?

eliascreateeliascreate SwedenPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hello all.

I'm working on an app and I'm wondering whether it will get downloads or not from the apple store once it's uploaded. Do you have to pay for marketing etc or will some people download your app via the listing/searching on the apple store?

Do people search apps and try new apps even though they don't know the app?

Can you upload a new app for say, 1$. Will some people buy it if it is an unknown app? What do you think are the statistics of this? How many purchases per week do you think is expected of a new unknown app on apple store, you upload?

Best regards, Elias


  • JonPMJonPM Posts: 159New Users @ @
    Should be able to make at least $5 or $6...
  • OddballOddball United StatesPosts: 118New Users @ @
    Completely depends on the app. I've released apps that were duds and some apps that do very well lately. I only rely on organic downloads ATM.
  • chuckc192000chuckc192000 FloridaPosts: 394New Users @ @
    It depends entirely on what kind of app it is. If it's some game, people won't know to search for the name of your game specifically (unless it's something generic like chess). There are so many games on the App Store that it's unlikely to show up in any of the canned lists on the App Store. If it's not a game and performs some function that people may search for on the App Store (like "photo editing"), then there's a small chance your app will show up somewhere in the search results, along with hundreds of other apps doing the same function.
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