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Subscriptions rule and key to improving rankings!

angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
I posted a while ago about some success I had with pulsating pricing. I have been doing some more spiking and found the following.

Subscriptions rule! In hindsight the below is obvious but wasn't to me until it worked.

I created fairly low cost in app subscription hoping that some people who didn't want to pay the full non consumable amount may opt for the lower cost subscription.

I started picking up subscriptions and although many canceled before renewal, some did not and cancellations were out performed by new subscriptions. The revenue from these subscriptions is fairly low.

Heres the killer, the revenue continually increases, so Apple continually increase my ranking, regardless of where I started in the store or how good/bad my ASO is. I consistently get more downloads and then actual purchases.

And if I do some ASO, then my results are better than they otherwise would be.

Apple seems to really like apps that have revenue.

The nicest factor of my model is that regardless of how bad you ranking is today, if you can periodically pick up subscriptions you will float up the rankings over time.

I know its generally thought that apple looks at downloads and revenue as part of ranking, I seem to figure that even a small degree of revenue has a significant boost on ranking, more so that actually getting serious download numbers which is another route I went down but was less successful.


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