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What's more lucrative: In-App Purchases or Ads?

JasperSeaJasperSea New YorkPosts: 37New Users @
For those of you with free apps, do you find it to be more lucrative to offer IAPs for additional content or to run ads?

I'm releasing a new app soon, and I'm debating whether to:

A: Limit the amount of content that comes with my app (but not in a way that makes it pointless) and offer a reasonably priced IAP to unlock everything else.

B: Have all the content available immediately, but include pop-up ads and also offer the user the option to turn off the ads for a small fee.

I have an app in which I use the IAP strategy and it has done pretty well for itself, but I wonder if limiting the content that comes free with the app limits the apps overall exposure and such. The majority of people never purchase the IAP, and therefore are done with the app pretty quickly, even if they enjoyed it for a little while.

For my older app, about 6.5% of users purchased an IAP, and I expect similar figures for this new app.

I'm having a hard time deciding which way to go. I really appreciate any insights!


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    Why not do both.

    Have ads, and if they buy the IAP for more content, also turn off the ads.

    Or have separate IAPs for each... one for unlocking content, and the other a small fee to remove the ads.

    Doing either of the above should get you what you want.
  • panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
    I do ads + IAP in most of my apps. The IAP is mostly for non-essential functionality or functionality that only select users would want. For instance, if you have a fart app, you can have basic farts for free, but if the user wants extra juicy farts or explosive farts, they gotta pay.

    Best strategy I think, unless you want to retain as many users as possible, as some will be turned off by ads.
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