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Creating a musical app that plays looped sounds when 'dots' are connected - Objective-C, XCode

ic00042ic00042 SheffieldPosts: 14New Users *
Would someone be able to give me a head start as to how I could make a musical app that consists of several dot's (those of which will act as individual sounds). So what I want to do it=s let the user connect those dots as once it's connected to another dot, a loop of the sounds stored in the dots will play.

So far I have my dots as buttons and called my draw method in Drawrect. I've looked online several times and still haven't found out how I could proceed to the next stage. Would be great if someone could enlighten me.


  • ColaDudeColaDude Posts: 3New Users Noob
    Is the next stage visually connecting the dots or playing back the loop of sounds? Each one could require a good bit of code to just be typing out a guess as to what you want. Either way you will need to import the AVFoundation class and setup (preload) an AVPlayer object for each dot's sound. If your dots are already connected you can place the audio objects in an array since its an ordered collection based on the order in which they connected the dots. Eventually even calling [player play]; for example looping through the sounds in the correct order.
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