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new conspiracy theory

jhonkjjhonkj Posts: 150New Users @ @
ever notice how swift looks like java and processing, and that Metal looks like c++,
and there are no new "whats new in story board" sessions.... notice how the talks are about performance and battery life.... Notice how "Apple watch" looks pretty much like MSFT watch did about 10 or was it 15 years ago, maybe with a few more curves...

remember when Woz said that Apple actually did win, because everything looks like MacOS.

well now MSFT actually has won, because MSFT engineers appear to have infiltrated Apple at the highest engineering levels, since they didn't have really anything to do anymore over at MSFT, lots and lots and lots of engineers bored out of their skulls. They also went into Teaching at universities, so new engineers are instilled with the Msft way.

Nothing wrong with performance and battery life, except for sacrificing basically many new and cool advances, and Apple like.....

(hey here's an idea, actually make the battery bigger, egad, an iPhone that is a millimeter thicker... send in the hounds)

notice how GUI types of things keep breaking in new updates of OSX and iOS... as they integrate swift into more and more parts of OSX and iOS.

Pixar used to hire artists who had zero programming knowledge, and let them "program"... so creativity was not lost in the company.

Nerds are great and all... got to love nerds, but Apple appears to have picked up a noticeable right leaning limp as they walk into the future. It didn't turn out so well for MSFT... i guess history has to repeat itself.


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    Every empire, no matter how great will eventually face its own demise.

    Sounds trite, I know...

    But Apple has finally jumped the shark. It's all downhill from here.
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