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Auto Layout Magic - Tool to generate constraints for you

akordaakorda LAPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hello everyone,
I am a software engineer, relatively new to iOS development. I noticed a pain point in using auto layout, so I built a tool to help generate the necessary constraints to make building screens easier! This is especially useful when you can't use stack views due to supporting iOS 8.
I'm not sure if something like this already exists, so I built it myself.
In theory this should enable you to build 1 screen in any size, and Auto Layout Magic will generate the necessary constraints to present the scene across multiple devices!

Check it out!

This is my first open source project, so please give any feedback, or help out by making a pull request!


  • tropictropic Posts: 120New Users @ @
    edited July 2016
    Hi akorda,

    This looks really great! This would definitely take away some of the pain of setting up auto layout constraints :smiley:

    I have not tried the tool yet, but can you tell a bit more about
    • the strategy for laying out the constraints e.g. in relation to size of elements and distance between elements and if some constraints are used more than others?
    • are there any scenarios where you would not recommend using it e.g. when using tables or collectionviews?
    • how will the scaling be applied for apps that support landscape and portrait, will it simple look at the max width and height and scale accordingly?
    • how easy is it to manually tweak the constraints afterwards in Xcode? Is this something you should avoid, and only use your tool when doing edits, e.g. when adding more objects to the storyboard?
    • should you clear constraints before using your tool again or will the tool only add missing constraints or remove all existing constraints and then redo them all?

    Again, it looks cool, keep up the good work!
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