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To what point is a local SQLite database appropriate in an iOS app?

silentmike78silentmike78 Posts: 24Registered Users @
I'm new to iOS development. In the app I'm working on, I need to store a list of ~1000 recipes — each with a title, image link, and list of instructions. What's the optimal method of storing this data? seemed great, but it's discontinuing soon. Is there a simple back-end solution to this? Or would a local SQLite database work well for such a set? I would appreciate any feedback! :)


  • C6Silver05C6Silver05 SeattlePosts: 632New Users @ @ @
    The first question is whether you want access to the data for updates, interaction, etc., outside of the app. If so it needs to be server based. If you don't need that and would be fine going through an app update to add data, then local storage can work. Core Data is certainly fine for local storage as you describe. If you want server based you can look at something like Firebase which would work quite well for what you are describing.
  • martinsahamartinsaha ChennaiPosts: 8New Users Noob
    You can use coredata, Which is easier to understand and very minimal code.

    Please check the below URL for basic of CoreData.
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