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Best method to unzip file

heliohelio FrancePosts: 32New Users @
in my application i would like to realise that :
- unzip a file with menu File - Open
- work with a file inside zip file

what is the best method ?

copy file in temporary directory, unzip, work with file inside, display data and delete after. But it implies to do this everytime...

Thank you


  • mobilepunditsmobilepundits USAPosts: 1New Users Noob
    Hi Helio, Thank you for sharing best method to unzip file! My question is, Can I unzip file in iPAd & Tablets?
  • Duncan CDuncan C Posts: 9,116Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @
    This isn't that hard. There are various libraries for zipping and unzipping files. You can use a raw C library or one built for Objective-C. Try googling "Objective-C Zip library". When I needed to do this I googled it, looked over a couple of libraries, and picked one. I'm not at my Mac now and I don't remember which one I used, but as I say it's not rocket science.
    Duncan C

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  • martinsahamartinsaha ChennaiPosts: 8New Users Noob
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