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Help with promotion

workgamesworkgames UkrainePosts: 3New Users Noob
Need help in the promotion of the game (18+ for couples), I want a little bit up in the search and get more organic installs.
Budget - $100 (I understand that funny). How can I get the most out of this budget?
Perhaps buy installs / advertising in the social networks / bloggers ...?
Who can advise? Thank you!


  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    What soft of app is it?
  • freethinkernfreethinkern New Delhi, IndiaPosts: 6New Users Noob
    I advise to get Good quality ASO one for your app. And after ASO keep promoting it on social Media. And You can do review exchange to boost your app's reputation.

    Between I am an App Marketer and Promoter.
  • TigerrrUppercutTigerrrUppercut Victoria, BC, CanadaPosts: 7New Users Noob
    I would try some cross promotion tools, maybe something like TapDaq. This will help generate some installs, and alongside this, try getting the word out to relevant writers at app/game publications. Good luck!
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