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Freelance iOS programming

esko918esko918 esko918Posts: 228New Users @ @
edited September 2016 in Business, Legal, & App Store
SO as of now i have a 9-5 programming job at my current company. Over the last few days i received a phone call from my old company asking me to come in for an emergency situation with some of their applicaitons. They went and outsourced the programs to other countries but its not working out forthem and all they did was make the program even worse. So my question is how much should i charge them on a per hour basis? They threw a pretty high number at me for the emergency situation but after this they want me to be on board for a long term contract. So for 1 it is iOS programming so i know roughly what i should be getting paid if i was salary there, but the thing is im not salary im going back to per hour pay. Pretty much working for them it will be like i am my own company. So i know they pay the offshore guys alot of money and i dont want to shortball myself. So any ideas on what i should charge them?


  • JonPMJonPM Posts: 159New Users @ @
    Start high and see how they respond
  • markofjohnsonmarkofjohnson California USAPosts: 133Registered Users @ @
    In comparison to your previous salary, know that you cost your previous employer more than your salary because of taxes and benefits they also had to pay, which _you_ will now have to pay out of this hourly income. Think big. &
    Hit Tennis & Super Txt
  • billibobbillibob Posts: 5New Users Noob
    Check on different websites with job offers and device the salary into hours to get the approx rates
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