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AppoDeal or Heyzap - are they any good?

shigaugishigaugi Posts: 69Registered Users @
Hi guys

I'm looking to maximize my revenues from ads. I have decided I wanna try ad mediation, so after a very bad experience with Mobfox (where I invested a lot of my time just to find out it's total rubbish) - I'm quite weary what to try next... Heyzap? Appodeal? Any other mediation service?

Please guys, if any of you tried either one (or even both) - help me make the best decision (parameters to consider - ease of integration, attentive support, size of SDK, and of course - performance).

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  • molokoplusmolokoplus AUPosts: 6New Users Noob
    i tried Heyzap and it didn't impress me much, though many developers really like it. to my mind the integration and tech issues i had were the most critical thing, so for me appodeal is much better from tech point + overall performance is great, 'd recommend it. i shared some thoughts when i did ad network comparison some time ago, might help u somehow
  • CasperisFriendlyCasperisFriendly CaliforniaPosts: 4New Users Noob
    edited January 2017
    Full disclosure up front: this won't be a completely unbiased response, because I work for Appodeal.

    Appodeal has 24/7 support and a team of account managers, which keep track of all accounts. There's always someone around to talk.

    The SDK is modular, through which devs can toggle networks on and off, as well as only include those placements which they actually plan to implement. This will help reduce the size, based on what you want to use.

    I personally work with developers who have switched and are really happy with Apodeal.

    Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!
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