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John Lowe's Darts Arcade - Feedback Welcome

BubbleCreationsBubbleCreations UKPosts: 2New Users Noob

We would like to share our New Arcade App game with you - John Lowe's Darts Arcade.
Feedback would be welcome for future games. The game is FREE to download.

Below is the AppStore link:

TRIPLE WORLD DARTS CHAMPION John Lowe brings you an innovative new game that requires skill, finesse and timing.

It's a welcome change from the same old dart boards you can find everywhere else and includes games that everyone will enjoy. John's Darts Arcade brings you not one game, not two games ... but ten! There are heroes, villains, dynamite, balloons, water, rocks, bulls and more. Something for everyone!

All the sights, sounds and fun of the arcade, combined with accurate darts physics for realistic flight and control. Includes free darts to get you started and free top-ups every 3 hours!

Ten games with five levels in each mean endless fun for all - and anyone who reaches the final level gets a chance to obtain some unique John Lowe merchandise.

Hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it!


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