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Your files could not be loaded. Try again.

RickSDKRickSDK Posts: 1,240Registered Users @ @ @ @
Hi has anyone, ever been able to upload a preview video? I have spent 3 days battling through an endless array of vague, confusing errors messages as I attempt to upload my video. Eventually, I am now at the point where is says, "Your files could not be loaded. Try again." Could they create a more vague useless error?

I've spent days searching web sites and forums and nothing seems to help. did anyone figure this out?

I really can't understand how apple is a company with many multi-billions in revenue and they can't figure out how to write software to upload a single file?? Are you kidding me???


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    Somewhere there is probably a magic button you have to push. Only Apple knows where it is.

    That website is very user unfriendly. Common sense is not their design. But they expect us to be perfect.

    Go figure.

  • RickSDKRickSDK Posts: 1,240Registered Users @ @ @ @
    ok I figured it out. It turns out apple, when they created the idea of promo videos, they went to an I.T. video techie and asked him what he thought would be the perfect video settings in order to have the highest quality video. And he gave them a whole bunch of numbers related to bit rate refresh, screen resolution, bit mapping megahertz, interlacing rate and a bunch of other techie stats that no one has ever heard of or cares about, and then Apple said, "ok great! we will force every developer to ONLY submit videos that match all of these many specs!"

    and now the final result is that you have to meet all these specs even if your video software doesn't support them. Like the video software I use does not create videos with a 2000 pixel resolution. So I have to download a 3rd party software program that stretches the video out, (while at the same time losing quality) just so that its 2000 pixels wide.

    This is especially obnoxious because if you turn on your TV and watch ESPN, you are not seeing images 2000 pixels wide! So in apple's mind ESPN (or any other broadcaster) is not creating high enough quality video to meet their standards for a 30 second promo clip! I'm sorry but this is pure stupidity!
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    If there's a way for Apple to F*ck you, they will... LOL...
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