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Title after 30th character not counted in keyword

sparksosparkso Posts: 567Registered Users @ @ @
i got a new app approved.

named like

I realized i couldn't search my app using DDDDDD at all in whatever search term combination.


  • astersdoastersdo USAPosts: 640New Users @ @ @
    Wow that's a good find. Thanks for the heads up.
  • id256id256 Posts: 83New Users @
    What about subtitle? Does it already affect the visibility? And is it possible to reset the reviews?
  • astersdoastersdo USAPosts: 640New Users @ @ @
    My guess is the title then subtitle will be used in the search, but who knows. I've had a massive drop in downloads cutting my app title to 30 characters, but any new algorithm wouldn't be in place yet, or would it?
    I am totally clueless on app titles ;)
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