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Spam policy by app reviewers - what to do?

It looks like the default response for App Reviewers recently is to invoke 4.3 Design Spam policy . This happened for both app upgrades and new app submissions. No matter how we ask for more clarification, the response is always the same. It really feels like interacting with a bot rather than real human reviewers. App Reviewers used to be a lot more helpful than this. Does anyone see the same trend? It seems like Apple is trying to discourage us indie devs from publishing new apps/upgrading existing apps. What to do about this?
Guideline 4.3 - Design

We ask that you consolidate your existing apps, as well as any new apps that you submit, as your app provides the same feature set as other apps you've submitted to the App Store, only varying slightly in content or language. (For those instances where it doesn’t seem appropriate to consolidate all of your apps into one, it would also be acceptable to consolidate your apps by theme, category of app, business, etc.)

To resolve this issue, please combine apps with similar themes and feature sets into a single "container" app. You may want to consider using the in-app purchase API to deliver the different content to your users.


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