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approved app not going through

sparksosparkso Posts: 567Registered Users @ @ @
i wonder how long we will have to wait this time. Have not happened for quite a while.

Got two apps approved and ready for sale today but not reflecting on the app store.


  • id256id256 Posts: 83New Users @
    Same thing... Try to modify the "What's new" section, for example, and revert back. It worked for me a few times, including today.
  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 279Registered Users @ @
    I used to just remove a dot in the Description and click save. Then the app went live within the hour but I think they locked the Description field. Try something editable.
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  • sparksosparkso Posts: 567Registered Users @ @ @
    edited September 2017
    happening again! (for my app update)
  • sparksosparkso Posts: 567Registered Users @ @ @
    edited September 2017
    But this time the interesting thing is, the app's binary is actually updated when i delete the app and re-download from app store, it's just the store front not reflected....
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