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UI question

dickthedevdickthedev Posts: 214Registered Users @ @
I am createing a two view controllers in storyboard. The usr needs to be able switching between two views with just one finger so I have this:wqiw7mgpnhyy.png
I am using swipe recognizers so the VCs go back and forth. It does, however it is not what I expected. I like the 2 VCs going left or right, but it goes from bottom instead. Am I using the wrong recognizer?


  • ryantcbryantcb Posts: 667Registered Users @ @ @
    Check your segue settings in the storyboard. You’ve most likely got the cover vertical selected. I’m not near computer to give you the exact terminology. You should select the segue then adjust probably from cover vertical in the settings on the right of Xcode
  • esko918esko918 esko918Posts: 228New Users @ @
    Why arent you just using an UIPAgeViewController that will solve al your problems without you having to code half of what you wrote...
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